Blvck Misfit

Beatmaker under the name of Blvck Misfit, was born in Senegal more precisely in Saint Louis in January 2000. At the age of 15 after graduating from middle school (BFEM), he moved to The Gambia to continue his studies at the Senegalese High School, Banjul. His career as a beat-maker began after he graduated from
his A’level’s at the age of 18, soon after his debut many artists noticed his unique touch and mastering of trap instrumentals, artists such as Hussain, Sadiq just to name a few. When asked by his peers why he chose the name of Blvck Misfit? His answer is, To show his (Black) origin and his difference from others in the Beatmaking industry.

Yaya, BlackMisfit started beat-making in 2018, a kin fan of FLstudio a software that really helped him craft his art and made his stand out from many young producers of this generation , Before working under Chambaii, he only had headphones, the computer did not belong to him and he struggled on a daily basis to compose music and put his ideas to life.
When ask, who is his favourite beat maker?
His answer is ” I don’t have a favourite but I listen to boomin subway productions, pyroman, tm88, 808mafia, murda beatz, etc.
My vision is to become every producer favourite producer.
You can buy or lease my BlackMisfit beats via Chambaii email contact.

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